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18/05/18 Speaking at Wex Drone Seminar

On 18th May 2019, I will be speaking at the Wex drone seminar 'Professional Drone Cinematography: The Business Of Drones' which will be held at their Whitechapel store in London.

Seminar Description

Interested in what being a drone pilot entails? Join Phil Harris as he shares some of his knowledge, stories and lessons learnt over his time working

as a freelance drone operator in the TV and film industry. His work has taken him all over the world, filming everything from documentaries to feature films, to

car commercials and even several TV series dedicated to the use of drones for filming. As with many creative jobs, it’s not as glamorous as some may think. Many shoots require long days, working in challenging environments with difficult crew and kit that can potentially fail. Phil discusses some of his stories and lessons learnt, so you can be best prepared without having to learn the hard way.

We will be covering:


Uses of drones in the TV and Film world

The right drone for the job

What equipment he uses

Finding work

Travelling with drones

Operating in extreme environments

Lessons learnt

Afterwards there will be an opportunity to ask questions and check out some of the drones in person.

Get Your Golden Ticket

It is a ticketed event so if you do fancy coming along to hear me ramble, you can register using the link at the top of this page.

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

I've never done one of these and the scope is pretty wide so if you do decide to come and think of anything in particular that you'd like me to talk about, please do drop me an email. Otherwise I'll just take a stab in the dark and hope people find it interesting and get some value out of it!

Side note: This is more aimed at the beginner - intermediate audience.. If you're a pro, you probably won't find it that interesting.



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