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Bowling With The Buggy Cam

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

With the aim to get low level tracking shots of the bowling ball as it rolls down the alley, the RC buggy cam was quickly identified as the tool for the job.

Freefly tero rc buggy cam film kit infant of bowling alley

Slippery Surface

The highly waxed and polished surface meant that it would be unsafe for a person to run down the alley hand holding a camera or gimbal.

The RC buggy was able to travel up and down the alley with plenty of grip thanks to it’s rubber tyres and able to accelerate and brake quick enough to match the speed of the ball.

Freefly tero rc buggy cam driving down bowling alley

Fixed Height

Using the buggy also meant that there was no need to worry about seeing movement on the Y axis (up and down) as you will likely notice when running with a gimbal handheld.

Freefly tero rc buggy cam driving straight down bowling alley

No Dolly Tracks

Another reason for using the buggy cam instead of a dolly was that because we were not restricted to the tracks of a dolly, we were able to get chase shots, directly behind the ball without getting the tracks in shot or have them get in the way of the ball.

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