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Freelance Drone Operator: What Do I Offer?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

As a freelance drone op, it's my job to fly drones for TV and film productions in order to capture aerial shots that help aid the story. Since becoming a CAA approved operator 5 years ago, I've undertaken thousands of flights with a multitude of drones in over 25 countries.

"What I do have, are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career"

White Labelling for Drone Companies

The majority of my work comes from working with a handful of growing drone companies or individuals that are in need of an additional trusted pilot. This may be because they have overlapping shoots, their primary pilot falls sick or if they just feel that I would be better suited for the job.

In any case, I represent and fly for them on the job so they don't have to lose out on work and I'm able to maintain their working relationship and expand their opportunities.

Working Directly with Production Companies

Although not so often these days, I do still work directly with TV and film production companies, predominantly for TV, documentaries and branded content.

Providing Kit

I have my own kit that I use, or if working for another drone company, I can also offer a dry hire service whereby said drone company provides the equipment (subject to insurance and being in their operations manual).

Providing a Gimbal Op and Focus Puller

The majority of shoots require a two-person operation. One person to fly the drone (myself) and another to operate the camera. In some cases, a focus puller may also be required.

I have a selection of trusted and individuals that I use and arrange,

Although I'm predominantly known as a professional drone pilot, I also work with the buggy cam, cable cam and offer consultation.

If you're planning an upcoming production or are a drone company that often finds itself in need of having an additional trusted pilot on the books, give me a call. I love meeting and working with new people!


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